How to Stay Safe When Drinking Abroad

Whether you’re going on a boozy holiday abroad, or just looking to enjoy a few cocktails on the beach whilst letting your hair down, it is always important to stay safe. There are many news stories about holiday-makers drinking alcohol abroad and putting themselves into danger, and Bookable Holidays have come up with a guide so you can ensure you are staying safe while enjoying alcohol on your next holiday.

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Remember to drink water

A hot destination and alcohol will not mix well together and it can put a downer on your holiday activities if you become severely hydrated. Always carry a water bottle with you on a night out and keep sipping it to ensure you stay hydrated, because you don’t want to collapse in the middle of a busy club in Ibiza.

Make sure you watch the bar tender

If you’re ordering a drink, do not let distractions draw you away from what he’s putting in there. Do not assume that every spirit they are putting in your drink is not watered-down with chemicals. There have been multiple life-changing injuries coming from holiday-makers drinking watered down alcohol so watch what he is putting in your drink. Not sure? Just ask to see the bottle.

Never accept a drink from anyone

Whether it’s your friend, a cute guy/girl or just someone random – never accept a drink from anyone, especially someone you don’t know. You don’t know if they’ve put anything in your drink before bringing it to you or if they didn’t just find it and offer it to you. Your friends may not be as careful as you’d like to them to be so it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Make sure you see the bottles aren’t unsealed

If a bartender grabs a drink out of a fridge and it’s already unsealed, don’t drink it. You have NO idea what they put in there (if anything) before they put it in that fridge. Ask yourself why would they have any reason to open the bottle prior to chilling it anyway? Decline it and ask for a bottle that is sealed.

Stick to the drinks you know

Sometimes it’s best to just play it safe, because no-one wants a holiday disaster inflicted by booze. Check out the menu and stick to the drinks you know, if you don’t know what’s in a certain cocktail don’t order it. It’s much better to drink alcohol you are familiar with than alcohol that could be 90% pure alcohol and make you invincible but really be doing you more damage.

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Cover your drink

If you’re in a crowded place and dancing around, you might not notice if someone pops something unwanted in your drink and you are leaving yourself in a very vulnerable situation. If you can cover your drink, or drink it before you make your way to the crowded place and then you won’t be giving people the opportunity to pop something in there.

You’re not invincible, be careful

It is often the case that we get booze in our system and think we can take on the world, but we can’t. Use your common sense and remember that a cheap drink might not necessarily be safe, especially when you’re on a night out. Read up on where you’re going, make sure it’s reputable and remember these tips to ensure you can enjoy your alcohol safely.

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