How to Best Beat the Feeling of Jet Lag

Getting to travel is an amazing opportunity. Every day is different; you are constantly learning something new and making new friends along the way. The only down side is the jet lag, but this can be avoided with a few simple changes – and we are here to tell you them! Continue reading

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Christmas Markets that Families Should not miss in 2017

Christmas is any child’s favourite time of year – other than summer holidays of course. But Christmas means snow, Santa, presents, lights and just a magical feel in the air. So it is important to go to the right markets, even when you are away. People think that if you go away for Christmas, it won’t be the same. They are wrong. You just have to find the right places, and we have them! Continue reading

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Beautiful Places in Italy you HAVE to Visit

Italy is a beautiful country full of individual villages and cities that all have their own personalities to explore. There are some wonderful places to visit; whether you’re looking to enjoy a twin-centre trip or plan a trip to Italy… these are the best places to visit in Italy to fall in love with the destination.



For the lovers of renaissance art, Florence is home to spectacular art and architecture with a vibrant food life and exciting nightlife. You might struggle where to start with so much to explore and once you get going, it’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the adored atmosphere and personality. From the Uffizi Gallery to the striking Palazzo Vecchio, you can’t miss an uncivilised but exciting weekend to Florence.



Known for its charming canal system, Venice is a beautiful Italian city home to romantic neighbourhoods and delicious eateries. Many times will you wonder how this city seems to be floating, but not before admiring the visually-beautiful streets and shops that offer antique glories. You will come across secluded plazas with much to explore in the vicinity, but you won’t be able to leave before eating your way around the city with many local eateries and restaurants serving up some delicious bites. Click here for some dishes that you must try in Venice.



Known as the countries capital city for everything fashion and design, the vibrant food and drink scene perfectly combines with the cosmopolitan lifestyle to create a truly unique destination. Not forgetting the impressive architecture that can be seen throughout Italy, Milan attracts visitors in with its extensive array of shops and designer lines. When you’re not busy shopping, you can take a break for some delicious and local food suited for every budget.


Amalfi Coast

Considerably different to the other places to go in Italy mentioned is the stunning Amalfi Coast which is located on the coastline snugly between Sorrento and Ravello. This cliff-side city is both glamorous and compelling with its colourful houses hugging the cliff and offering breath-taking views from within and afar. Majority of the city is family-run, meaning you can find some truly authentic eateries and things to explore on your travels. The incredible service and friendliness of the city will make you truly feel like a familiar member to Amalfi Coast.



For a rewarding secluded coastal stay, Puglia truly is the perfect alternative to the busy Italian cities. With a slight touch of Greek personality, this charming city is full of olive trees amidst the hilltop towns and beautiful heat. It is said that you don’t come to Puglia for exploring certain things but instead let the city guide you throughout its beautiful wonders. It’s easy to get caught up with the destination, but that’s recommended to get a real feel of Puglia.

Italy really is a post-card perfect destination; time your trip just right and you can hop off the plane into beautiful sunshine too. No matter where you decide to visit in this beautiful destination, we know that you’ll be falling in love within hours of arriving. So where to first?

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Duty free is a wonderful world of shopping, but upon first glance can be extremely daunting. Where do you start? What do you buy? Is it even cheaper than buying it in retail outlets? There are so many questions around airport duty free and whether it’s actually worth the time and money. Bookable Holidays have got the complete guide so you can embark on an airport adventure and enjoy some duty free shopping before your next packaged holiday.

The EU got rid of duty free shopping a few years ago. You may purchase tax free items if your journey is beginning or ending in a non-EU country. However, if you’re flying from one EU country to another you can also purchase tax free items so you can avoid the VAT charges.

Why is duty free cheap?

Okay so depending on what you’re purchasing, perhaps “cheap” is not the best word to describe the products, however, they are great value. The products don’t have either sales tax or the special government tax which is usually put on tobacco and alcoholic products. This means buying these kinds of products will always be better value for money at the airport so dig in – just be wary of your luggage allowance if you’re shopping on your outbound flight.

Is duty free always the cheapest?

Yes and no, you can’t always guarantee an absolute bargain in duty free. The best way to know is to search online prior to going to the airport so you can get an understanding of the prices. You can even check duty free online here to compare and then just pick it up when you get to the airport.

Where can I get great savings?

Designer handbags, sunglasses and electronics in duty free aren’t always the best bargains; however you can save a lot of money when buying large quantities of tobacco and alcohol. Be sure to research the destination as places like Singapore and Australia charge a lot for alcohol outside the airport; this way you know to stock up before your flight to save you some money.


How much can you bring back from duty free?

Of course, you can’t go wild, so make sure to top up on knowledge on how much you can actually bring back. You can find a long list of all the rules and regulations you need to know here, so just bare these in mind when you feel like splashing the cash.


Here are a few things you should remember when shopping, just to help save you some precious spending money:

  • Be wary of the exchange rate, whilst it might sound like a bargain you might not be saving that much money at all.
  • If you struggle to find a certain product, try to find it in duty free in the country of origin. This is particularly great for finding a specific wine or vodka if you can’t find it just skip it otherwise it could cost you more money than your intending on spending.
  • Have you boarding pass handy when you’re about to pay for your items as you will need to prove that you’re eligible for duty-free.

Airport duty free is an excellent way of passing the time, so long as you don’t go mad and end up spending all your money. These top tips will help ensure you bag a bargain for your products!

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Top 6 Fantastic Family European City Breaks On A Budget

lisbonIt can be difficult to afford a holiday sometimes and we always think about exotic destinations and spending your days on the beach. But how does a weekend break in Europe exploring the city sound? Continue reading

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Top 5 Things To Do In Barcelona

If you are looking for somewhere that has something for the whole family then Barcelona is the place to be! From football to food markets; shopping to site seeing and even water parks, Barcelona never fails to impress! Continue reading

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Best Winter Beach Destinations for 2017

beach destinationsWe all love our snowy British winters but most of the time it is just cold and wet. So why not try something new and go somewhere hot this winter to avoid the disappointing weather?. Here are the best winter holiday destinations, which the whole family will enjoy! Continue reading

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6 Tips for Packing Hand Luggage Only

packing-tipsGoing on holiday with just hand luggage can be difficult as you don’t have as much space but there are so many benefits. Firstly, it is easier as you don’t have to worry about checking in extra bags. Secondly it is safer because you have your bags on you at all times. Thirdly it is cheaper because you avoid check in charges. Finally, you don’t have to wait staring at the luggage carousel looking out for your bags. So here are out best holiday packing tips for hand luggage only! Continue reading

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Top 3 European Road Trips

family-road-tripIf you are looking for a relaxing holiday where you get to spend quality time with the people you are with while exploring all corners of the country you are in then road trips are right up your street.
Continue reading

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Europe’s Top 5 Theme Parks that will leave you speechless

  1. Europa-Park Germany

Opening in 1975, Europa-Park is a fun park which had a record 5.5 million visits in 2015. Covering 950,000m2, the park is home to the Blue Fire – an Icelandic themed rollercoaster – which reaches heights of 38m and speeds of 100km/h.

If you think that Blue Fire is fast, they have another ride which is even faster! Travelling at a maximum speed of 127km/h and standing 35m higher than Blue Fire, Silver Star has been placed in the ‘hyper coaster’ category of rollercoaster’s and is certainly not for the faint-hearted!

As well as providing unforgettable rides, Europa-Park also provides a wide range of onsite hotels along with spas and fitness centres for those who want to wind down from an adrenaline-filled day. They also have the Food Loop restaurant which is known for being a quirky and fun place to eat due to the food ordering process which requires guests to enter their order using a touch screen. It sounds tricky but many who have visited say that it is something which is worth experiencing at least once, so don’t miss out!ferris-wheel Continue reading

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